April 12, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

My father lived at the Desert Breeze home, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Collado, from
September 2011 to April of 2012. I was absolutely delighted with the care he received
while living there. He was treated with kindness and respect at all times.

My father loved golf so the caregivers at the home made sure he was able to watch golf
regularly. My father enjoyed the friendship of the others living at the home during his
stay, preferring to spend his time in the family room, rather than in his room. Even when
TV in the family room was out of order for a short time (because my dad hit the
wrong button on the remote control), my dad wanted to stay in the family room where all
the action was rather than go to his room to watch
TV. He loved being around people
and loved being around those that lived there and those that worked there.

I would highly recommend the Desert Breeze home for anyone. I could not have been
more delighted with the owners and caregivers. Their kindness, wonderful care and
respect for my father made his last months so nice. It gave me great peace of mind to
know he was well taken care of and happy while living there.


Barbara Herrada 


May 12, 2014

Desert Breeze Assisted Living
1080 S Amber St
Chandler, AZ

Dear Wilma and Brendy:

I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent, loving care and attention you have extended to my Husband. When he cam to your home he was unresponsive to his environment or to the people around him. Over the last 9 months he has become warm, friendly, alert and so much more aware of what is happening. His short term memory is still deteriorating but he is now able to enjoy what is happening for the moment. I will be forever grateful for the care you have provided him. 

When I first placed him in your home I was overwhelmed with the situation I was facing. Placing my husband in a home was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. The thing that saved me and gave me the opportunity to gain my stability back was the fact that I knew he was getting the best care I could get him. So you and your staff have helped both of us get to the place where I feel take him home and be able to deal with the challenge of caring for him.

You have provided not only a caring, loving, professional environment for your residents, but made us feel like your extended family. On several occasions you set up a brunch where the residents and their families all got together and we all talked, took pictures, discussed our various issue as caretakers and have become like family with not only you and your staff but the other residents and their families. This makes what is a trying experience much more pleasant. 

I will be forever grateful for everything you and your staff have done and will always feel like you are all my extended family.

Again thank you so much.

Mae Sandoval

Chandler, AZ





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